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What is the maximum number of characters in posts. Cheating Instagram likes?

Instagram is a social network that is convenient to use both for personal purposes and for commercial promotion. In any case, you will need to publish high-quality content. The practice of recent years shows that colorful photos alone are not enough. Users log into Instagram to also read interesting posts.

The Instagram format allows you to publish both short notes of a small volume and fairly long stories. In the latter case, you may encounter a volume limitation. The social network limits the volume of posts so that user profiles are more concise and the content is easier to perceive.

The volume of one publication is limited to 2200 characters. Moreover, spaces and other special characters are taken into account. Such texts allow you to get more Instagram likes. You can also get them by using the service: https://smmtouch.com/en/buy-instagram-likes.

Why is this particular restriction set? This was not done by chance, because:

- according to statistics, texts of up to 2000 characters will be read to the end by 75% of users;

- posts of the specified volume are easy to enter from mobile devices;

- small texts are visually easier for other people to perceive.

There are cases when you need to publish a text that has a volume of more than 2,200 characters, and it is not possible to shorten it. In this case, there is a way out to create a carousel of several photos and put part of the text on the image.

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